For those Pie fans aware of Steve Marriott’s son Toby, the questions have often been, (1) is he in the business? (2) If so, when can I hear his material? (3) Is he like his father? As of the fall of 2006, the answers are (1) yes, for some time now, (2) yes, on 26 September; and (3) he’s his own artist, but decide for yourself.

On the aforementioned date Toby Marriott’s band The Strays will see their first full CD in international release.  The compilation, on TVT Records, is titled Le Futur Noir and according to TVT is “a smart record, with equal parts pop sensibility and fuck-it-all juxtaposition. ... the perfect mix of politics and pleasure, punk rock chanting and the ska-reggae-roots of The Clash. Mix in their love for The Replacements, Oasis, and Toby’s own rock royalty roots [his father Steve Marriott] and you have something inexplicably good, and more importantly indefinable in terms of ‘indie rock.’ ”

The Strays are a multinational mix consisting of the British Toby (vocals, guitar), Dimitrios Koutsiouris (bass) from Greece and American Jeffrey Saenz (guitar).  The LA-based band paid their dues through numerous self-financed American tours, self-produced merchandise and a drive to spread their music to anyone that would listen, even though many times there was little or no food on the table. 

From the limited exposure to the album has experienced, we’ll reiterate what was previously quoted from the TVT machine. Additionally, The Strays and their Le Futur Noir are welcome and distinquishable changes to the seemingly thousands of dark, brooding, “new” acts that apparently come from the same mold.  They have a musical, sometimes-political, message that’s worth our consideration, regardless if it comes from the son of Steve Marriott.

As for the elder Marriott’s influence on Toby, it existed, in subtle doses. "Growing up music was always around,” Toby commented recently. “I may have felt subliminally that my dad was pressuring me into playing music, although he never did. It's a shame he died before he could see me perform. I had just picked up playing guitar. I remember telling him about it, and he said, 'Well, maybe we can play together and I can teach you some stuff.'" Sadly, that never happened, but the legacy lives its own unique form, voice and genre.

Le Futur Noir, The Strays debut full length CD, drops 26 September, 2006.  (Picture courtesy TVT Records)

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By Iain, HPNet’s chief writer and content guru.


First Convention in central London after eight successive and hugely successful years at the Ruskin Arms.

It was a great success....I could hear debate among the fans about the plusses amd minusses, and as you would expect there are a whole lot of pro's and con's.

Let me concentrate on the pro's.

East London is very relaxed, nostalgic and authentic, but central London is centre stage! It is a much better base for fans too and the venue is up market.  It sure helped a lot that there was a film premier in Leicester Square immediately next to the Marquee, so as you walked up to the venue it was almost as if you were part of the premier!

Rock and roll.

Also - it was the chance to make things bigger, as there must have been 800 or more in the sell out crowd - and the place operates on four different levels, so it was possible to believe that there were a lot of people there I didn't even see.

Some of the highlights on stage included Andy Ruff's fine band Psycho Babble.....I thought Boss were pretty mighty - the singer even had a few of the Marriott Humble Pie poses - and did a great version of Thirty Days in the Hole...and Denis Greaves even joined them on stage for a couple of

17 Black really progressed and filled out their sound - by adding a
brass section, and did spectacular versions of Wide Eyed Girl on the
Wall and Collibosher.  Steve Diggle from the Buzzcocks joined for Here
Comes the Nice, Glen Matlock from the Sex Pistols played for 4 or 5
songs, and on back vocals and dancing were Steve's TWO daughters Mollie
Marriott and Tonya Marriott......GREAT!

Chris Farlowe Of Coleseum joined for a tremendous All or Nothing. Then they
finished on Tin Soldier.


And of course the musicians - Dean Rees and Brent Yeomans and all the stalwarts.   Smashing

Part 2 - The People

Over the years I've come more and more to the conclusion that people make Conventions......truly wonderful to see everyone again (and I'm sure I'll forget some)......Tony, Martin Payne, Roland, Detlef, Klaus and family, Baldur, John, Charlie, Jodie, Dave Clark....and many many

Great story......I made my way towards the stage front at one point in the evening, and met a huge scary bloke....6ft 4 and no hair....he says "Hi....I'm the biggest Steve Marriott fan in the world"......I say "nah don't're not....I am...and Baldur here is the biggest fan in the Arctic Circle."

He says "No, look at this", and reveals a smashing Small Faces tatoo on his upper arm.

I say "Ha....that's great - but that doesn't make you the biggest fan in the world."

So he calls his wife over and says "bend over".....She says "no way"...he says "I'm telling you - bend over" she does...he pulls down her jeans - and there is an intricate Small Faces tatoo on her butt!

And he looks smug as if to say "I told you so."

But then Dean Rees' missus Kelly joins the conversation and says "That's a load of crap, I am the biggest Steve Marriott fan in the world, absolutely no doubt."

I say "No you're not Kelly"

"I am so. I have a dog named Marriott (a big black dog) and I've got Steve Marriott's t-shirt framed and on my wall."

"Nah, I'm not convinced."

"Well I married a guy who looks like Steve Marriott and who joined Humble Pie, and brought them back to the house for a barbecue"

"Ok - I'm beat, I can't argue with that!"

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